Health and Wellness – Student Insurance Plan

The opt-out period ends the same day as the close of registration each semester. If you decide to waive the student health insurance, you are required to complete a student health plan waiver form and submit a current copy of your private insurance. Any requests received after this date when not be approved and you will have the option to waive the next semester.

You’ll still be included in your parent’s tax household, even though you’re applying separately. They’ll fill out or update their application and state that you don’t need health coverage. Your income will still be counted because Marketplace savings are based on expected income for all tax household members, not just the ones who need insurance.

If you’re a dependent 26 or over

  • You have the same options as above. But if you apply with your parents, you may be required to choose a separate plan because you’re 26 or older

As an Alabama A&M student, your health is important to us. Student health insurance allows you free to low-cost access to health & counseling services on campus*. Each semester you are automatically enrolled so nothing is required on your part to sign up. Your student health insurance can also be used for health services off-campus. Click the links below to see what’s covered. We also accept 3rd party private insurance for your convenience.

All full-time USA undergraduate students are eligible to purchase the student health insurance plan. Part-time, USA undergraduates enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester on campus (in a traditional classroom setting) and USA graduate students enrolled in at least 3 credit hours per semester on campus (in a traditional classroom setting) are eligible to purchase the student health insurance at the part-time rate; students taking additional credit hours for a total of 12 credit hours are eligible to purchase the plan at the full-time rate.

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