Free Fire emulator players to now have separate matchmaking, confirms by Garena

Free Fire has evolved significantly over the years, and the developers have continually added new features to shape the game into its current state. Garena recently announced a significant change to the game by introducing an emulator matchmaking pool.

A separate matchmaking pool simply implies that players using an Android emulator will only be paired with other emulator players rather than with mobile users.

It further explained the implications of implementing the new matchmaking pool. The emulator matchmaking pool will only be available in ranked matches in Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes. Furthermore, if the users have a single person using an emulator in their lobby, the entire team will play against other emulator users.

he creation of a dedicated emulator matchmaking pool is one of the most significant changes that is set to be brought into Free Fire.

Previously, mobile gamers had a considerable downside since they encountered numerous emulator players during ranked matches. This hindered their chances of emerging victorious and ranking up ff.

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