5 best passive abilities for Free Fire’s Ranked mode in July 2021

Unlike most mobile battle royal games, Free Fire has a large variety of characters with special abilities. These abilities are divided into two categories: active (those that need activation before use) and passive (those that are always active).

While active abilities often have a cooldown period after being used, most passive abilities do not have one. There are a few exceptions in both cases.

Passive abilities can be just as powerful as active abilities when used in the right situations.

This article takes a look at five of the best passive abilities for Free Fire’s ranked mode matches in July 2021.

5 most powerful passive abilities that players can use Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode

5) Gear Recycle

4) Sustained Raids

Jota’s passive ability in Free Fire is called Sustained Raids. This ability instantly recovers 25 HP on each SMG or Shotgun kill at its default level. It has a 5-second cooldown period.

Jota is a great pick for aggressive players in ranked matches.

3) Falcon Fervor

At its base level, Maro’s passive ability, Falcon Fervor, boosts damage over distance by up to 5%. It also increases the amount of damage dealt to tagged enemies by 1%.

Maro’s ability is ideal for passive players in ranked matches.

2) Hacker’s Eye

Moco possesses a passive ability called Hacker’s Eye. At level 1, this ability marks an opponent who has been shot for 2 seconds. It also shares the opponent’s location information with other teammates for a brief period of time.

Moco is useful in ranked squad games as she can warn teammates of nearby enemies.

1) Bushido

Hayato’s passive ability in Free Fire is called Bushido. At its default level, this ability increases the enemy’s armor penetration by 7.5% for every 10% decrease in the player’s maximum HP.

Hayato’s ability is ideal for aggressive players who are always looking for high kill counts.

Note: This list is not in any specified order and represents the author’s opinion. Readers’ points of view may differ.

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